Clinic Dates All Season
Experience Beginner > Advanced
Age 19 +
Price $799 per group
(up to 4 people)
Sled rental not included


Riding Clinic

Have you been riding for years and are looking for a way to sharpen your skill set?  Get further out than before?  See new terrain?

Most intermediate/advanced mountain sledders have the basic skills needed to negotiate the backcountry and what skills they are lacking, modern snowmobiles help tighten up the slack.

This clinic is designed to open your eyes to proper technique, route finding, terrain selection and management, as well as, time dedicated to group dynamics and safety.  The more time we spend in the backcountry the more risk we expose ourselves to.  Over the course of the day we revisit the ideal of risk vs. reward and making educated decisions when playing in a winter wonderland.

It’s important to remember when signing up for this clinic that you must consider yourself a minimum intermediate level rider capable of small sidehills, can confidently negotiate basic terrain, and have completed an AST Level 1 avalanche course.



  • Meet at GSR at 8:30am
  • These are small group clinics max 1:5 guide ratio to maximize learning
  • Go to assigned rider area parking lot
  • Your coach will go over pre-trip planning, avalanche forecast, weather forecast, Safety equipment checks, trail etiquette, and general “house cleaning”
  • Your coach will then take the group to their first skill workshop location.
  • Group will then rotate to different locations throughout the day for different skills training.
  • Social wrap up with coaches
Skills Training

Clinics (based on skill levels) include:

  • Rider positioning
  • Throttle control
  • Momentum vs. track speed
  • Braking
  • Sidehilling
  • Wrong foot forward
  • Turn-ups
  • Panel slides
  • Wheelies
  • Small jumps
  • Belt adjustment
  • Track tension
  • Handle bar height
  • Control positioning
  • What to carry in your bag
  • Equipment checks
  • Communication equipment (what we carry and why)
Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  • Modern Mountain Snowmobile (we have a fleet of current AXYS RMK’S)
  • Safety gear (basic first aid kit)
  • Avalanche safety equipment (modern transceiver with new batteries, probe, shovel, pack)
  • Spare belt
  • Basic tool kit (at least the OEM kit)
  • Riding Gear (Base & mid layer, jacket, pants, boots, helmet, goggles x 2, hat and gloves x 2, etc)
  • Please inform us of any medical conditions prior to arrival (this information will remain confidential).
  • You are responsible for Lunch, Snacks, and drinks (no alcohol).
  • If you require any of the above, it can be purchased or rented from GSR.  Please call ahead of time to arrange.
  • Trail day pass not included.