Clinic Dates December 14/15, 2019
Experience Beginner > Intermediate
Age 19 +
Price $985 per person (2 days)


Introduction to Mountain Sledding Level 1

Are you looking to gain confidence on your machine?  Do you want to have the ability to initiate off trail turns, climb slopes without getting stuck, learn and practice the fundamentals of sidehilling, getting unstuck, and of course negotiate terrain confidently and make good group decisions?

Beginner riders can benefit dramatically from a few simple skills and techniques, especially when time is taken to break the skills down into simple easy to practice steps.  If you are new to mountain sledding this is the perfect opportunity to develop proper muscle memory, and if you are veteran we can break technical moves down to make sure we using as little energy as possible to get the job done!

Although it might seem technique is at the top of the agenda we also spend time on pre-trip planning, safe riding habits, terrain management and selection, as well as group dynamics.  This clinic is a great follow up to any AST1 course.

We keep our group sizes small to ensure you get the most out of your experience with us.  No prerequisite courses required, however we do strongly recommend taking an AST1 Course (Avalanche Skills Training 1).


Day 1

  • 8:30am meet and greet at GSR for weather / safety / pre-trip planning / waivers / rental gear if needed.
  • Drive to appropriate trailhead
  • Parking lot debrief with equipment check (communication and avalanche gear) / etiquette chat
  • Riding workshops / instructor will break down technique / tricks & tips
  • Lunch (bring your own lunch or we can order you lunch from Bluebird Café)
  • Riding workshops / skill development / terrain negotiation
  • Debrief / social

Day 2

  • 8:30 meet and greet at GSR for weather / safety / pre-trip planning
  • Morning meeting at GSR for weather / pre-trip planning
  • Drive to appropriate trailhead
  • Riding workshop (continuation from Day 1)
  • Lunch (bring your own lunch or we can order you lunch from Bluebird Café)
  • Avalanche rescue scenario / debrief
  • Wrap-up
Skills Training

Workshops (based on skill levels) include:

  • Rider positioning
  • Throttle control
  • Momentum vs. track speed
  • Braking
  • Sidehilling
  • Wrong foot forward
  • Turn-ups
  • Panel slides
  • Wheelies
  • Small jumps
  • Belt adjustment
  • Track tension
  • Handle bar height
  • Control positioning
  • What to carry in your bag
  • Equipment checks
  • Communication equipment (what we carry and why)
Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  • Modern Mountain Snowmobile (we have a fleet of current AXYS RMK’S)
  • Safety gear (basic first aid kit)
  • Avalanche safety equipment (modern transceiver with new batteries, probe, shovel, pack)
  • Spare belt
  • Basic tool kit (at least the OEM kit)
  • Riding Gear (Base & mid layer, jacket, pants, boots, helmet, goggles x 2, hat and gloves x 2, etc)
  • Please inform us of any medical conditions prior to arrival (this information will remain confidential).
  • You are responsible for Lunch, Snacks, and drinks (no alcohol).
  • If you require any of the above, it can be purchased or rented from GSR.  Please call ahead of time to arrange.
  • Trail day pass not included.