Hangfire Avalanche Training – Snowmobile Specific Training

If you’re going to snowmobile in the backcountry without a guide, make sure you have the training and knowledge to play safe in the mountains!

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At Golden Snowmobile Rentals we work closely with Hangfire Training, based here in Golden, who have been teaching  Avalanche Skills Training (AST) courses for almost 10 years, as well as guiding tours with us!

AST 1 courses are sled specific with a focus on information gathering/interpretation as well as terrain management and safe riding habits.

It’s not always ‘good to go’ out there, so we want you to know when and why that is.  Hangfire will also make sure your whole group is prepared with the proper gear, and you know how to use it!

Find out about more about courses in Golden, Revelstoke and other areas, and sign up for avalanche training at HangfireTraining.com

AST 1 Courses

This course is a 2 day event.  1 part class, 1 part hands on field day in the mountains.  Golden is one of the best places to take an AST course due to our vast terrain and often interesting to look at snowpack.  You can also split it up and take the class part in the fall when we come through AB and SK and take the field day during the winter.

The AST 1 course is the entry level avalanche course that everyone riding in the mountains should have.


AST 2 Courses

The AST 2 course is the next step. In this 4 day course you will plan routes, assess the hazard, travel in different types of terrain while engaging in group discussion and decision making.  You will also learn more about the snow pack including different tests and gain more practice and insight into performing a companion rescue.

If you’re spending a lot of time snowmobiling in the mountains and you’ve already taken the AST 1 course,  this is the course for you.