Polaris Axys

Hands down the lightest snowmobile in the industry, so what does this mean for you? Easy to ride and easy to get unstuck! If you are looking to take your riding to the next level this could be the machine to take you there. We have several colours, track lengths and lugs sizes available.

Price: $325 per day


Arctic Cat M8

This 2018 Mountain Cats have not only won “Sled of the Year” they are probably the best machine Arctic Cat has put in the mountains! With the new DSI power plant these things are meant to move snow with the flick of your thumb. Available in two track lengths, both 3” lugs. Serious mountain machines!

Price: $325 per day

Sleds: Non Current Machines

Non Current Machines

We know renting sleds isn’t cheap so we came up with a plan to help you out if you are on a budget!!  We inevitably have non-current (within a year or two of current / NOT ancient) snowmobiles around the shop and I know lots of you like deals.  This could be the answer for you!  Give us a call, find out what we have available!

Price: $275

Sleds: Arctic Cat Lynx 570

Arctic Cat Lynx 570

Perfect for beginners or family rides, this economical rental is capable of accessing big mountain terrain with comfort and reliability. With a 2-up seat you can bring a friend along for the journey!

Price: $265 per day (multi-day rates available)

Sleds: Timbersled


The Timbersled ARO 137 is for a rider who craves fresh, deep snow, and lives to break trail on waist-deep days. The ARO 137 will take you up the steepest climbs and across the steepest sidehills with confidence.

On the Camso DTS 129 conquer deep snow and go where your off-road motorcycle has never gone before. This lightweight and high-performance dirt-to-snow bike conversion system delivers the off-road motorcycle agility you love.

Price: $425 per day

Rentals: Trailer Rental

Trailer Rental

We have the following trailers available for rental:

Trailer Price
One spot trailer $75
Two place trailer with ride on / ride off ramps $100
Four place trailer with ramp $125
Rentals: Delivery


We can arrange delivery and pick-up at any of our listed trailheads:

Location Price
Gorman $150
Quartz Creek $175
Silent Pass $250
 Blaeberry  $175
Rentals: Gear Rentals

Gear Rentals

Gear Price
Avalanche Air Bag $55
Avalanche Gear (beacon, prove, shovel, pack) $35
Beacon Only $25
Canister Rental (ABS | Snowpulse | BCA) $50 per week
Snowmobile Suit (Jacket, Pants, Boots) $50