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It’s pow season!!

Posted on 2017-03-14 19:57:59 PDT

Do you like fresh pow?  It’s that time of year here at GSR in Golden British Columbia!!  It has been pouring rain here in town which means that it’s snowing HARD up in the mountains!  Isn’t elevation a wonderful thing?  We LOVE this time of year!!  Longer days, more sun, and snow snow snow snow snow!!
If you have been thinking of visiting and for some reason think winter is over you should throw that notion out the window and come play with us!  Driving conditions are generally better this time of year with the warmer temperatures down in the valley too!
Hope to see you soon!  We will be out making sure the snow is good!! ha!

PS our 2018 Arctic Cat just showed up so we can try that out, and I hear a few 2018 Polaris Axys machines and even a Yamaha Sidewinder might be here soon too!! Braap Braaap!!