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Winter isn’t over yet!!

Posted on 2016-03-08 18:23:14 PDT

Well winter isn’t over yet!  Amazing snow conditions out here in Golden right now

Forecast = SNOW

Posted on 2016-01-25 17:25:16 PDT

The forecast is looking pretty snowy for the next week or so…

Amazing Start

Posted on 2015-12-11 21:25:55 PDT

What an amazing start to the season!  Snow storm after snow storm we have been getting very lucky so far!

Green Light!!

Posted on 2015-11-17 21:39:26 PDT

We are a full go here at GSR!  The 2015/16 season has officially begun!

It happened!

Posted on 2015-11-05 09:07:43 PDT

It happened!  We went out and played in the mountain for the first time on November 3rd!!  And what a great time we had! It’s still early and we are not opporational as of yet, but we do some recon missions early season to get a feel for what winter is going to bring us! […]

Did it Rain?

Posted on 2014-12-12 20:16:18 PDT

It sure did!  Like cats and dogs in town, but the mountains got SNOW SNOW SNOW!!

Pow = Smiles

Posted on 2014-11-30 10:27:58 PDT

Nothing but deep snow, smiles, and maybe even a little sweat with over a meter of fresh powder

Go Time

Posted on 2014-11-11 08:47:41 PDT

Well we did it! We had our first ride of the season in Quartz Creek, Golden British Columbia!

So close now BRAAAP!

Posted on 2014-10-31 08:37:04 PDT

As the temperature continues to drop, here in Golden we have the advantage of looking up to the mountains to see how our winter is shaping up…